Our first big write…

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I would like to say a great big WELL DONE to all the children in Class 1 today!  They were positive and enthusiastic about the big write and all seemed to enjoy it very much.

First we looked at drawings the children had made of their own super heroes and used WOW words to describe them. Then we played our own super hero WOW word game outside.  Next we talked to Mrs van der Hoven about the big write and watched Class 2 doing theirs, and finally we had a go at our own!

The writing they produced was wonderful… some of them even took their new folders to show the juniors!  Well done Class 1, I’m so proud of you all.

5 thoughts on “Our first big write…

  1. really lovely to see them all concentrating so hard and letting their imaginations run riot! Whatever will next week’s topic be??

  2. What a lovely atmosphere in the classroom during the big write. You were all thinking very carefully about your writing and enjoying the music and candles. Well done Class 1, what brilliant writers you all are!

  3. I saw some of the children’s writing. It was about super heroes. I was amazed at how good it was. And they’re only year 1!

  4. Jas came home soo excited about her first Big Write raving about candles, music and her new ‘navy’ (not blue) folder – a great way to get the children enthused about writing.

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