Grandma, what big teeth you have!

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As part of World Book Day, and to continue our topic of fairy tales, Class 1 have been reading Little Red Riding Hood this week. They have been acting out the story, re-telling it using fantastic story language, using the iPad to record voices for each character and ordering the events in the story. They used collage to make a forest, experimented with mono printing to make character profiles and had a go at weaving. Class 1 also received a letter from Little Red Riding Hood asking for their help! She had too much shopping to carry to Grandma’s house in just one basket so needed to use two. Class 1 investigated how to make sure the baskets weighed the same so they would be easier for her to carry, then they replied to her letter and posted it in Class R’s post office!

3 thoughts on “Grandma, what big teeth you have!

  1. What a lot of fun you’ve been having in Class 1 with the Little Red Riding Hood story – I love the costumes and how clever to think of getting 2 baskets to weigh the same so that they are easier to carry – well done!

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