What’s inside our bodies?

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Today we had a visit from Steve & Jo Iles. They brought some amazing models of the human body for us to look at! First we had discussions and made drawings in groups of what we thought was inside our bodies…with some very interesting results!

‘There are tunnels for the blood to go through.’ Sam
‘They are called veins’ Charlie
‘All our bones a joined up…it helps us to stand up.’ Morris
‘Our heart pumps blood.’ Ella

The children thought of some amazing questions & learnt so much from talking to Jo and Steve. They looked at the muscles and internal organs of a human body, a detailed model of an eye and saw what a baby looks like when it’s inside a womb. Thank you both so much for taking the time to come and talk to us!

2 thoughts on “What’s inside our bodies?

  1. Thankk you Jo and Steve for coming into school and teaching the children about their bodies. It looked like you were having lots of fun in the hall.

  2. Jaz came home really excited showing us where her kidneys are and explaining that eyes have muscles in them too! Thanks Steve and Jo – this has definitely sparked an interest

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