Down in the garden…

This term our topic is ‘Down in the Garden’. All our work will revolve around growing and planting. The children will be investigating different types of plants and trees through practical activities in the garden and in our garden centre role play area. If you have any resources that you think would be useful to us in Class 1 (yourself, seeds, books, pots, gloves, tools, plants – real or fake-) we would be delighted to make use of them. Especially if you have any gardening knowledge we would love to learn from you!

WE NEED YOUR OLD WELLIES! As the title of the topic suggests, we will be making the most of our amazing learning garden this term so a pair of wellies to keep at school would be really useful!

Things you might like to do at home:

The children will be embarking upon growing projects in school, but it may be something that you would like to experiment with at home as well. Perhaps the children could plant their own seeds and see how quickly they grow compared to the ones in school. What would happen if you plant two but water them differently? What if you plant two different types of seed at the same time…will they grow at the same rate? Perhaps they could record their investigations in some way e.g. keep a plant diary, make a video or put together a photo story of the progress.

More information on our project will follow at the start of term but, as always, if you have any questions or ideas please get in touch. I hope you are all having a lovely and relaxing Easter break!

One thought on “Down in the garden…

  1. Mummy has grown more tomato seedlings than we can use, so she has said that I can bring some in to school for us to grow on. She can also come in to help with some gardening if this would be useful.

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