Solving problems for Mr Grinling…

This week we have been reading the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ as a start to our topic of ‘Wreck, Search and Rescue’. This afternoon we discovered that Mr and Mrs Grinling had some problems for us to solve on the garden! These are some of the problems:

There are 5 other lighthouses near Mr Grinling’s. Can you put them in order from tallest to shortest? How will you check to make sure it’s right?

Mrs Grinling likes to collect shells. She collected 2 on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, 6 on Wednesday. How many do you think she will collect on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

20 boats sailed past Mr Grinling’s lighthouse today? Yesterday there were 5 less – how many sailed past?

Mrs Grinling has made 30 biscuits for Mr Grinling’s lunch over the next 5 days. How many biscuits will he have on each day?

Hamish the cat loves squashing sand castles! There were 20 to start with and now there are 4 left. How many did Hamish squash?






4 thoughts on “Solving problems for Mr Grinling…

  1. Mrs. Grinling will collect 8 shells on Thursday, 10 on Friday, 12 on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. 15 boats sailed past mr. Grinling’s lighthouse the next day.

    • Mr Hayes, the biscuit one was really fun to solve because we had actual biscuits so we could share them out and that is how we worked it out. It was six each day – and that is a lot of biscuits for one day! from Ella

  2. I have heard some very excited stories about the lessons that went on today – complete with biscuits! Seems an absolutely inspired way of teaching maths, inspirational!

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