The Magic Flute

Yesterday and today we began to rehearse for our performance of The Magic Flute. We have been finding our singing voice by listening carefully as we sing and have also made sure we warmed up our voices with meeee, maaaaaa, mooooooo sounds! We know the story now and all have our words to practise. I think that Freddy and Jamie will both be great as Papageno, what do you think? Don’t forget that tomorrow is going to be a messy day as we begin to make costumes and design the set for our performance. Here are some pictures of our rehearsals. Can you spot the children who have remembered their singing posture?




4 thoughts on “The Magic Flute

  1. This looks very exciting – I think you all have good singing postures! We can’t wait to come and see your performance next week – good luck Class 2!

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