The Great Fire of London!

“We have been using different sources to look at what it was like in the Great Fire of London in 1666. I liked watching the videos of the actor who was dressed up as Samuel Pepys.” Alfie M

“Samuel Pepys was there at the time of the fire. He wrote a diary to tell everybody about the dangerous things that happened. His diary has helped us to find out what it was like.” Freddy

“We know that it was a spark from the oven in the bakery in Pudding Lane that caused a massive fire. The flames jumped from house to house. We saw a picture that showed that even some boats caught fire from the sparks that were jumping.” Jasmine and Ellie

“I found out that the bakery had hay on the floor and that would have made it catch fire really quickly. Today I enjoyed painting my own Great Fire of London picture.” Sam

“We have been reading a story called ‘Fire Cat!’ We found out that the houses were all made from wood and they were all squashed together. There were no gardens and the weather was really windy and hot. This made the fire go really quickly and blow to all the different houses. Come and ask us in Class 2 if you want to know a bit more about the Great Fire.” Lowenna and Jalinda





3 thoughts on “The Great Fire of London!

  1. Finn has really enjoyed this topic, he has been very enthusiastic when testing us on our knowledge of the great fire of london!

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