Oh help! Oh no! It’s a…

GRUFFALO! We have started this term by beginning to explore the work of one of the most popular children’s authors – Julia Donaldson. On Monday Alfie Jay, Alfie, Morris, Jalinda, Polly and Ella began by taking turns to read The Gruffalo. The listeners all agreed that they read with excellent expression. Later in the day we went out into the sunshine to draw Gruffalos, which had to be between 2 and 3 metres in height. The children worked in small groups, planning and then taking turns to complete the drawing and measuring tasks. Today we planned enquiries based on favourite books and characters from Julia Donaldson’s work so later on in the week we can find out which are most popular. Also, have a look at our fabulous artwork! Many of the books we have been looking at this week have been illustrated by Axel Scheffler and today we used pens and watercolours to draw our favourite characters in his style, and it was great to have so many parents and grandparents to join us for this session. I wonder which new characters the children will be adding to another favourite book – Room on the Broom, as we complete our Big Write tomorrow!







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