This week we have been finding out different ways of grouping plants and animals as we compare their similarities and differences. We already knew the features of some groups of animals such as birds, fish and insects but we have now found out more about what makes mammals different from reptiles,and reptiles different from amphibians.

Some groups have been sorting leaves from the hedgerow and have found that the leaves from different plants can look similar but have small differences which make them unique to that species.

Now take a look at the photograph of the tree. It may take you a few seconds to spot the interesting creature. I wonder if you can explain clearly how this animal has adapted to the environment it lives in?

In our classroom we have set up nature detectives exploration area. Here you can make observations of plants growing, use identification guides and classification keys and find out more about the living things in our local environment. Next week we will be observing Josh’s stick insects in this area and we will also be finding out about the life-cycle of chicks as Jasmine brings hers into school for us to meet.





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