Science week begins with a whoosh and a fizz!

Today we tested our hoop gliders which we designed last week. We began with a simple design which we tested by measuring how far they could be thrown, then we explored how to improve our designs to get a better glide. This morning we measured and compared how aerodynamic our designs were. This afternoon we went on to explore and observe a chemical reaction, as we made our own version of George’s Marvellous Medicine! We had to pour and measure exact quantities of each ingredient, ensuring that we looked carefully at the scale on our measuring cylinders. Look what happened as we added the final ingredient – bicarbonate of soda! I hope you have lots of fun with this week’s homework as you carry out your own investigations at home. Don’t forget that you can bring them in as soon as they are completed so that you can share them and amaze your friends with your discoveries!










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